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Au coeur du desert / The heart of the desert   
A stunning video done by Luca Miranda about his trip in the Tunisian desert in summer 2014. This video had much success and many people were surprised how beautiful is the Tunisian desert, which seems to have it all (according to an article related to this video) : desert oases, groves of fruits trees, ever-present warm Mediterranean sun, a unique culture and Saharan sand that stretches deep into the imagination… Beside, you are not that far from stunning  beach spots and the amazing Djerba Island, so called “Dreams island”.

T U N I S I A blog turned today 🎂❗️ Its really lovely to celebrate the birthday of the blog while I am in Tunisia 😊. It has been really 3 amazing years thanks to your great support by liking, rebloging our content and following us. We are still relying on you ! Thank you, love you all ♥️ 😘

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